Why Seniors are More Affected by the Heat

Submitted by on Feb 27, 2016

During the summer months, the most important thing is to stay hydrated, because dehydration can diminish your ability to regulate temperature and the risk of developing several illnesses can rise dramatically. This issue can occur, especially to elderly people. In the following lines, we will explain you, why seniors are more affected by the heat.

Health problems

Usually, seniors have problems with high temperatures due to their health issues. Moreover, most of them are having hyperthermia. Actually, this is a name given to a variety of heat-related illnesses, including the heat exhaustion and heat stroke which are the most common illnesses. The heat affects especially the elderly, people because they have insufficient sweat glands, poor circulation and they present some changes in the skin which are caused by the normal aging process.

Furthermore, some seniors are more affected than others due to some changes in their diet. For example, the elderly people who have salt-restricted diets may have big problems with high blood pressure, and they can easily be affected by the heat. On the other hand, the doctors advise everyone, especially the seniors to avoid walking during the hot days, start hydrated by drinking a lot of water, avoid the alcohol and use different types of units which are able to provide them with a cool air, such as air conditioners and tower fans.

Low metabolism

You may notice at your parents or at some elderly people that their metabolism has decreased with age. The metabolism is a complex process which involves plenty of things such as eating patterns, the food you eat, digestive enzymes, hormones and even your physical activity. These lifestyle changes can help improve metabolism in older people. On the other hand, seniors with a decreased metabolism have more health problems that other elderly people. Moreover during the summer months, these seniors are more affected by the heat due to their health issues caused by their decreased metabolism. However, if you have a weak metabolism, it’s recommended to consult a doctor because he may advise you what type of vitamin or nutritional supplements you may need.