Pill-Free Solutions for Back Pains

Submitted by on Jul 11, 2016

Back pains occur due to many reasons, and they target people of all ages and genders. When these unbearable pains appear, your first instinct might be to take pills, but this isn’t the most optimal solution to turn to. Instead of drugging yourself to get rid of this pain, read the following lines to find out what are the pill-free solutions for back pains.

Sleep on the supportive Tuft&Needle mattress

A major factor in the appearance of back pain is a poor quality mattress. Therefore, if you are experiencing back pain, eliminate this potential cause and invest in the Tuft&Needle mattress. By sleeping on this supportive mattress you will surely stop experiencing the excruciating pain. The Queen size version costs $600. This medium-firm mattress is able to distribute your body weight evenly to offer a superior quality sleep. What gives this mattress its superior pressure relief abilities that help alleviate back pain is the high-quality memory foam used in its construction. Also, to ensure that you will sleep soundly, it provides a cool environment due to the latex used to manufacture it.

Get a pain relieving massage from the iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair

A bulletproof method of relieving back pain is to get a relaxing massage. For you to be able to receive the much-needed massage any time back pain appears, purchase the iJoy Active 2.0 massage chair for the price of $500. What makes it the ideal alternative to taking pills in order to relieve back pain is the fact that it perfectly simulates the massage techniques of expert massage therapists. The effective results are brought by the Stretch, Orbit, and Glide motions that it uses. It features 3 auto-programs that you can choose from. The Think program offers you a relaxing massage for your entire back. The Perform program focuses on relieving neck and shoulder tension. The Recharge program works to rejuvenate your lower back.

Soak in a warm Epsoak Epsom salt bath

A 19.75-pound bag of Epsoak Epsom salt comes at the low price of $35. If you purchase it and soak your back in a warm bath in which you have added this salt, you will immediately relieve the back pain that you were experiencing. What makes a soak in warm Epsoak Epsom salt bath so efficient against back pain is the magnesium in the salt. After 30 minutes of sitting in the bath, the magnesium will make its effect, relaxing your muscles and soothing the pain.