Nutrition Tips for Lowering Your Cholesterol

Submitted by on Jul 1, 2016

The enormous amount of fat foods that you indulge in is what causes your cholesterol to reach extremely high levels. Unfortunately, if cholesterol isn’t lowered and maintained at a healthy level, it will inevitably cause the appearance of severe health problems like heart disease and stroke. If you have seen a big rise in your cholesterol level last time when you used your body fat analyzer, it’s clear that you must make a change in your diet. To see perfect results when you use the body fat analyzer next time, read the following lines and apply the nutrition tips for lowering your cholesterol given here.

Grill the meat

Meat is bad for the cholesterol, but only when it’s cooked in an unhealthy way. If you want to enjoy eating meat while lowering your cholesterol, you should prepare it on the gas grill. By preparing the meat this way, all the unhealthy fat in the meat will melt. Also, by using the gas grill to prepare the meat, you avoid using oil or other fats in the process. This will make the meat not only incredibly delicious but extremely healthy as well.

Consume soy foods more often

Soy foods are mandatory in your diet if you plan on lowering your cholesterol. Besides being naturally low in saturated fat, they contain special proteins that influence the body’s regulation of cholesterol. If you include 15 grams of soy in your daily diet, you will lower your cholesterol by about 6%. Fortunately, there are a lot of soy products that you can consume, including soya alternatives to meat, yogurt, and milk, soya desserts, tofu, and soy nuts.

Include fruits and vegetables in your diet

With so many tasty but unhealthy foods surrounding us, we can easily forget how important it is to consume fruits and vegetables daily. If you have high cholesterol, you are obliged to consume fruits and vegetables every day. They are low in saturated fat, and they give a sense of satiety fast. In addition, fruits and vegetables are a good source of cholesterol-lowering soluble fibers.

Eat a healthy breakfast based on oats and barley

The perfect breakfast for lowering your cholesterol must be based on oats and barley. Both of these foods are rich in beta glucan, a soluble fiber that forms a gel which binds cholesterol in the intestines once it’s eaten. Therefore, to effectively lower your cholesterol, consume beta glucan rich oats and barley every morning.