Myths and Facts about the Health Impacts of Microwaved Food

Submitted by on Jan 19, 2016

Most modern people use microwaves to prepare or reheat their food when they’re in a hurry. In fact, a lot of people use this kitchen appliance as much as they can because it helps save a lot of time, and it makes cooking easier and more pleasurable. Unfortunately, a lot of rumors surround microwaved food, rumors that make a lot of people worried about their health. If you want to find out what is myth and what is fact about the health impacts of microwaved food, read the following lines.

Microwaved foods de-magnetize brain tissue

This is probably one of the most absurd myths related to the consumption of microwaved foods. Eating microwaved food often will not affect your brain in any way, as many studies have already shown. This myth is probably related to the fact that the microwave uses electromagnetic waves to heat up the food. But people forget that electromagnetic waves have nothing to do with radiation and that the microwave emits very low electromagnetic waves anyway. Therefore, you can safely consume microwaved foods every single day because your brain tissue will not be de-magnetized or depolarized.

Microwaved foods lack nutrients

The myth that microwaved foods lack nutrients is one of the oldest lies related to cooking with this kitchen appliances. No matter the method of cooking that you use, your food will inevitably lose a certain amount of nutrients. Therefore, don’t think that if you boil, fry, bake, or saute your food all the nutrients in it will be preserved. As a matter of fact, if you microwave your food, you will preserve more nutrients due to the fact that the cooking time is considerably shorter. Therefore, in case you want to maintain a good health, and give your body as many vital nutrients as possible for it to function properly, it’s actually best to microwave your food.

Microwaved foods are safe for consumption

Of course, microwaved foods are completely safe for your health. The fact that you won’t endanger yourself in any way by consuming microwaved foods is real. After all, it’s the fastest method of cooking food, it preserves the most nutrients, and you won’t get radiated if you use this kitchen appliance either. Therefore, stop worrying about silly rumors and cook as many foods as you can in the microwave because it’s completely safe to eat microwaved foods for your health.