How to Deal with Seasonal Allergies

Submitted by on Apr 10, 2016

Allergies are a serious health concern because they are very common and they are worsened by things that surround us and that are often impossible to avoid. Whether you are allergic to pollen, mold, pets, or other types of allergen, you can avoid the unpleasant effects if you stay away from allergy triggers. Seasonal allergies must be kept under control and our advice can help you feel better and experience fewer symptoms in peak allergy season.

Get the right treatment

Allergies can be caused by numerous allergens around you and it’s hard to know which one unless you run some tests and see what exactly is making you allergic. Once you detect your allergy trigger, it’s easier for you to fight it with the right treatment given by your doctor. It’s very important to take your medicines especially if you travel.

Keep outdoor allergens away

Most of the seasonal allergies are caused by allergens wandering outdoors and the most popular of all is the pollen coming from various types of plants. It’s impossible not to get into contact with pollen but you can always minimize it’s unpleasant effects if you keep it away from your house. It’s recommended to wash your hands very well before going inside your house and changing the clothes you wore outside.

Clean the indoor air

Your house also hides many allergens that can worsen your symptoms and that you need to take care of. Dust mites are everywhere around your house, as well as pet hair and dander that triggers many allergies, especially in children. All the indoor air allergens can go away if you use an air purifier that captures them and ensures you will breathe clean air. An air purifier can be your best weapon in fighting allergens as it can capture up to 99% of the air impurities.

Choose hypoallergenic bedding

Your pillows and sheets attract all the allergens you bring home and they can become the perfect environment for more allergens to develop. This is why we recommend that you opt for hypoallergenic pillows and sheets like the ones made of bamboo that can protect you from allergens. Besides being eco-friendly, the bamboo acts like a natural allergen repellent so your allergies will not be worsened by dust mites living inside your pillow and sheets.