How Different Humidity Levels Can Affect Your Health

Submitted by on Feb 4, 2016

It is very important to have a proper indoor environment in order to not have to deal with different respiratory problems, allergies, and so on. The humidity level must be kept under control at all times so that you and your family are safe. For further information, here is how different humidity levels can affect your health.

What happens if the humidity level is very high?

If the humidity level in your home is very high, then you definitely have mold, which is without a doubt extremely dangerous to your health. If you live for a longer period of time in an unhealthy indoor environment like this, then you will certainly have serious respiratory problems. Mold and mildew spores are extremely toxic, once they get into your body. Asthmatic people can suffer frequent attacks if they live in a home with a very high humidity level. Furthermore, people with allergies are also prone to all sort of health problems. Dust mites also love places with a high humidity level, and they are one of the biggest enemies for those who suffer from allergies or asthma. If you find yourself in a situation like this, then what you need to do is get a dehumidifier and it’s best to choose one after you check it’s ratings and compare it to several other models. This will guarantee that you will opt for a product that can handle the size of your house and the level of humidity. With a unit like this, you will have a proper humidity level in your house, and you will not have to deal with all the unpleasant situations mentioned earlier.

How can low humidity level affect your health?

On the other hand, if you deal with a low humidity level in your house, this actually means that the indoor air is quite dry. This can certainly affect your health as well, in lots of ways. For example, it can cause skin&eye irritations, itchiness, and even nose bleeds. Furthermore, you will not be able to rest very well at night, and if you have kids, their sleep will also be affected. All in all, a situation like this can cause you serious problems. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to avoid it and you can easily do this by getting a humidifier. This unit will add the necessary amount of humidity to your home so that you can feel relaxed and comfortable. By knowing how different humidity levels can affect your health, you will actually understand why it is extremely important to have a proper indoor environment.