Health Complications Associated With Dehydration

Submitted by on Mar 10, 2016

Dehydration occurs when the loss of water in your body exceeds the water intake. Unfortunately, it causes the disruption of metabolic processes, leading to a series of severe health problems. Dehydration is more likely to occur during summer and after intense workouts, if you don’t remember to stay properly hydrated. If you want to learn more about dehydration and to better understand the importance of proper water intake, read the following lines. Here you will learn which are the health complications associated with dehydration.

Heat strokes

Intense workouts and staying in a hot environment must be accompanied by proper hydration because you sweat vigorously in these situations. If you don’t drink enough water, the amount of water that the body loses through sweat accompanied by the high temperature will inevitably lead to a life-threatening heat stroke.

Kidney failure

Kidneys have the responsibility to remove excess fluids from your body, and they remove the waste from your blood as well. When dehydration occurs, your kidneys stop functioning properly, leading to kidney failure. This is a potentially life-threatening problem, and you must stay properly hydrated to avoid it.

Hypovolemic shock

A severe health complication associated with dehydration is the hypovolemic shock. This life endangering complication occurs when your blood pressure gets very low, and there is a drop in the amount of oxygen in your body. Of course, the only way to avoid this serious complication of dehydration is to drink enough water daily.

How to stay properly hydrated

In order to stay properly hydrated and avoid the dangerous complications associated with dehydration, you must ensure proper fluid intake.

Clearly, drinking water is the best way to stay hydrated. But you must be careful to not drink water that is contaminated. Otherwise, you expose yourself to other serious health problems. Installing a water filter is definitely the best way to ensure that you are drinking clean, quality water. There are a lot of types of water filters on the market, but what they all have in common is the fact that they provide you with decontaminated water, allowing you to hydrate your body safely. Also, you can install a water ionizer. The addition of a water ionizer will allow you to drink alkaline ionized water, which is known to have the superior hydration capabilities due to the fact that it’s absorbed better by the cells.

Fruits are excellent sources for water. The highest ranking fruit when it comes to its hydrating abilities is watermelon. This fruit is composed 90% of water. Other fruits that have amazing hydrating properties are oranges, cantaloupes, and grapefruits. The best part is that eating fruits daily will not only help you stay hydrated, but you will receive a big health boost due to the many vitamins that you will ingest as well.