Everything You Need to Know About Infrared Heat Therapy

Submitted by on Feb 16, 2016

Unfortunately, there are still people who avoid using infrared heat therapy, not realizing how much their health could benefit from it. Due to the fact that infrared heat focuses on heating the objects that it encounters on its path instead of the air, it’s a lot more efficient than other types of heat. To find out more about infrared heat therapy and how you can benefit from it, read the following lines.


Infrared heat therapy improves blood circulation, bringing more oxygen-rich blood while eliminating metabolic waste products. Basically, it detoxifies the area of your body that it encounters. To detoxify your body effectively, you should use a full body heating mat, or sit 20-30 minutes in a sauna that uses infrared heaters. Also, you will get to eliminate potential carcinogenic agents by using infrared heat therapy due to the fact that you will sweat out heavy metals, sodium, nicotine, and alcohol from your body after a couple of minutes.

Pain relief

Another impressive benefit of infrared heat therapy is that it effectively helps relieve pain. By heating your body directly, it causes your blood vessels to expand, encouraging oxygen-rich blood flow. This helps heal inflammation fast, and it relaxes your joints and muscles to ensure that the pain you feel will go away. The best part is that it takes infrared heat therapy less than 10 minutes to make your pain go away. Therefore, next time when you experience tense muscles or joint pain, give infrared heat therapy a try, and you will get to experience its amazing benefits on yourself.

Stress reduction

Infrared heat therapy is very effective in relieving stress as well. The gentle warmth that it provides and the fact that it helps relax your muscles is what makes this therapy great for stress relief. When appealing to infrared heat therapy, you will feel like you’re on a beach during a hot summer day. A great way to enjoy this health benefit in your own home is to use an infrared heater to keep warm during winter. Just sit in front of the heater, and you will make your worries melt away while the unit focuses on heating your body and your home. Also, you can purchase a full body infrared heating mat, and sit on it for 20 minutes to relax both your body and your mind.