Common Symptoms of Sinus Infections

Submitted by on Jun 8, 2016

Sinus infections occur when the nasal cavities become inflamed and swollen. Sinus infections are generally caused by viruses, but they can be caused by other factors like bacteria, allergies, fungus, or nasal polyps as well. While it is unpleasant and uncomfortable to have a sinus infection, it’s not a life-threatening condition. Nonetheless, when you notice that the symptoms for sinus infections are there, you have to go to a doctor and treat this health issue. To find out what are the common symptoms of sinus infections, read the following lines.


When sinus infections occur, you won’t be able to breathe as easily through your nose anymore because of the inflamed sinuses and swollen nasal passages. Therefore, nasal congestion inevitably occurs, this being a common symptom of sinus infection. The nasal congestion that appears will alter your sense of smell and taste as well.

Sore throat

If the sinus infection lasts for a few weeks or more, and you don’t treat it, a very unpleasant symptom will appear. Your throat will feel painfully sore because of the post nasal drip that irritates and inflames the throat as it drips. Also, when your throat will start feeling sore, you will have a hoarse voice.


If you start feeling persistent headaches in the morning, a sinus infection might be the cause. The pressure and swelling in the sinuses give symptoms of a headache in the morning due to the fact that a lot of fluids are being collected during the night. As sudden environmental changes occur, the headaches that you are experiencing will get even worse.

Sinus discharge

Infected sinuses are accompanied by sinus discharges of a greenish-yellow color. These discharges drain into your nasal passages, forcing you to blow your nose very often. Also, the discharges can flow down your throat. This happens a lot when you sleep and when you wake up, and it will cause you to cough.


To prevent sinus infection from occurring, you must avoid things that irritate your sinuses and nose. The chemicals in cleaning supplies, cigarette smoke, and all allergens can cause the appearance of sinus infections. Also, as we have mentioned earlier, fungus and bacteria are factors that lead to this health issue. To prevent sinus infections from appearing, you should buy a dehumidifier and an air purifier for home use. The dehumidifier will absorb excess moisture, preventing fungus and mold from making an appearance. The air purifier will effectively eliminate all the pollutants and allergens that lurk in the air that you breathe. Therefore, by owning both devices you will be totally protected against the unpleasant sinus infections.