5 Reasons why Your Lashes Are Falling Out

Submitted by on Apr 19, 2016

Eyelashes enhance the beauty of the eyes and the longer they are, the more attractive our eyes will be. Nevertheless, not everyone has long and strong lashes and there are many cases when people complain about the fact that their eyelashes are falling out. So, if you want to know why is this happening, read the article below and find out more about the most important 5 reasons that can lead to this common issue.

Hormonal Changes

Whenever there are any hormonal changes in the human body, eyelashes may be affected and eventually will have to deal with the falling out of the lashes. A good example of such hormonal changes is the menopause because the estrogen production decreases and it affects the hair, including the eyelashes. As a tip, you can get a hormone therapy that will prevent the negative effects of the hormonal changes.


There are many medications that are associated with hair loss, such as acne medications, blood pressure treatment and so on. Therefore, if you follow a certain treatment and you notice that your eyelashes are thinning and they’re falling out, talk to the doctor and see if you can change the treatment.

Medical Conditions

Medical conditions can seriously affect the hair, so people who have certain health issues and have been through chemotherapy, usually have to deal with hair loss. Also, people who have certain disorders, such as Alopecia Areata that attacks the immune system can have problems with the hair loss. The effects of this disorder may affect the entire hair or only some areas like eyebrows, scalp or eyelashes. Since there isn’t any cure for this disorder, the best treatment is the tropical products.


Women use mascara on a regular basis and since it’s made of all sorts of chemicals that cause lashes to fall out, it’s possible to affect the eyelashes for more than once. Also, it’s better to avoid waterproof mascara because it’s hard to remove and you can accidentally pull out lashes when you use a make-up removal. In case you are dealing with this problem, you can use a lash growth serum that will help you regrow the lost lashes and the best thing is that there are many such serums made of natural ingredients.

Natural Eyelash Loss

Eyelashes can also fall out of natural reasons. Just as the natural regrow of the hair, eyelashes fall and grow again. Other factors that can affect the eyelashes are the environment pollution and the fact that you’re rubbing of eyes with dirty hands. Therefore, the best thing you can do is to avoid improper rubbing of the eyes and gently clean them every day.